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IT systems – servers, RACK cabinets, scramblers

To construct network infrastructure we can propose solutions which can be adjusted to client activity specificity. We offer full equipment to server room, as AC splits, RACK cabinets and every type of active devices (servers, switches or even VoIP phone exchange). We cooperate with leading IT branch transactors like HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco, Molex Premise Networks or Juniper Networks.

Well grounded knowledge about every device solutions, gives us possibility to individual approach to client project. We offer delivering and implementation unlimited combinations of devices, assuring fast and secure access to WAN/LAN networks. In our projects we use device data scramblers and firewalls to ensure highest quality and infrastructure security.
Comparatively new technology, which is put into practice by us, are the solutions based by internet voice transition (VoIP). Using this technology to establish telephone line installation is much more cost effective and flexible than traditional solution. We propose to our clients the GrandStream company solutions as phone central systems, managing office phone network in advanced way.