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Structural cabling - LAN

One of main stream of company activity is designing and installation of local area networks (LAN). Thanks to high qualified staff, we are able to implement comprehensive net with design and installation works specified as grad 5, 6 and 7. We are using technologies relied not only on traditional FTP cabling, but fiber – optic as well. Our knowledge is confirmed by certificates networks infrastructure producers (as Reichle De Massari or Telegartner) and on the other hand by our practical experience in large Ethernet installations works.

Designing of installation we try fulfill the client expectations as much as possible. We consult with investor every type of montage, and point post in the building.
Phase of implementation is finished when all parameters of the network are measured by professional instruments and shown to the client. Those two elements – certification and measure documentation made our company better than others – because we can offer much better product and give long period of guarantee – even up to 20 years.