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Close Circuit Television Systems

Necessary element of property and personal security is video monitoring. As much expanded and “intelligent” system is installed – as higher level of security is guaranteed.

Telemetrica Company proposes to its customers digital installation based on megapixels cameras, which outclass by resolution possibilities typical analog cameras. That's why we can use much less numbers of cameras but still cover monitored area by adequate vision quality. Additionally, by using hemispherical lens we can easily cover an area monitored by 6-8 analog cameras, by only 2 IP devices.

In case, when analog cameras are preferred by customer – Telemetrica Company always uses top class devices as Samsung or Bosch and hybrid recorders which can be used in future as compatible with IP devices.
Depending on building type and client expectations we use configuration as much automates work as possible – for example detection of people entering forbidden area, counting of people entering and exiting, directions of moving people, main paths of communications etc.